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Aug 18th

Hyperpigmentation Treatment

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Why does sun exposure cause dark spots ( hyperpigmentation), and what are dark spot correctors? Dark spots can result from hormonal changes, pregnancy, acne and other inflammatory changes. Exposure to the sun without protection is one of the leading causes of dark spots. Whatever the reason, dark spots occur when cells secrete the amino acid tyrosine, which […]

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Aug 10th

Have You Tried Oil Cleansing?

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Curious about oil cleansing? Looking for something to replace harsh soaps and scrubs? Looking for a chance to better your skin care routine? Let us help you give oil cleansing a try! Using oil for cleansing lets the “good oils” in your skin help remove the “dirty oils.” Whatever your skin type, a cleansing oil mixes […]

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Aug 2nd

What Is Your Skin Care Routine Neglecting?

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What is one of the most common areas that many people neglect in their skin care routine?  (A hint, it’s hard to see and often even harder to reach.) It’s your back! Whether you want to clear up back acne, or just freshen up your skin, a back treatment is a perfect way to give attention […]

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Jul 22nd

Minimize Your Pores

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Can facials help to minimize large pores? Absolutely! Pores are small openings in your skin. Because pores can cause problems such as acne and oily skin, it can be hard to remember that they actually exist for a good reason. The skin on the human face has thousands of pores, each one houses a hair […]

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Jul 15th

Skin Care Tips You Can’t Ignore

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If skin care is the main defense against poor skin health, what skin care regimen should you adopt? If you read any number of skin articles, advice abounds and that may overwhelm you. Where do you start and what do you absolutely have to do? While there are many skin care tips out there and […]

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