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Oct 2nd

Skin Care for Athletes

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With nearly year-round good weather, many Las Vegans are regular exercisers and many participate in rigorous training or endurance challenges. While staying active and healthy is beneficial for both your mind and your body, it does give your skin some special needs. Many studies have shown rigorous exercise can cause oxidative stress, as significantly higher […]

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Jun 5th

Bare Your Back

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What is one of the most common areas that many people neglect in their skin care routine?  (A hint, it’s hard to see and often even harder to reach.) If you’ve seen our June Special, you might have guessed: your back! Now that warm weather is here in force, it’s time to bare some skin. […]

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May 8th

Peptide Peptalk

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What Are Peptides? Peptides are short chains of amino acids linked together by peptide bonds, and are closely related to protein. Put simply, the shorter chain molecules are called peptides while longer chains are called proteins. Peptides and proteins are present in every living cell and are responsible for many biochemical activities, including acting in enzymes and […]

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Apr 17th

Men: Man Up For Your Skin

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 When it comes to skincare, men are a different breed.  But it is just as acceptable for a man to utilize the resources of an esthetician as it is for a woman.  A man’s skin may be different than a woman’s skin, but still needs the proper care to stay healthy and youthful. The layers […]

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