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Sep 17th

What Is LamProbe And How Can It Help You?

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LamProbe may just be the treatment you didn’t know you needed! Women and men of all ages with minor, non-cancerous skin conditions can benefit from a LamProbe treatment, with little to no side effects.  The LamProbe is an instrument that treats common minor skin conditions that may occur on the surface of the skin, including age spots, benign […]

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Sep 9th

Try A DIY Facial Mask!

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Sometimes the best way to know what’s in your products is to make them yourself! Here are some of our favorite DIY facial masks.  Even though these recipes utilize simple ingredients usually found in your kitchen, it is best to use a small amount and test your skin for a reaction before going for the […]

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Sep 2nd

Do You Know What To Avoid After A Treatment?

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Don’t walk out of your esthetician’s office without a clear plan for the home care routine that will maximize the beneficial effects of your treatment!  Here are our golden rules of pre and post care: Don’t use an exfoliator for at least 48 hours. Don’t get a laser treatment. Don’t wax or thread. Don’t schedule […]

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Aug 26th

Do You Really Know Your Skin Type?

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What is your skin type and why does that matter? The skin you are born with dictates how much oil your skin will produce and the size of your pores, but many other factors influence your adult skin.  There are the obvious factors, such as sun and smoke exposure, and the less obvious factors, including […]

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Aug 18th

Hyperpigmentation Treatment

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Why does sun exposure cause dark spots ( hyperpigmentation), and what are dark spot correctors? Dark spots can result from hormonal changes, pregnancy, acne and other inflammatory changes. Exposure to the sun without protection is one of the leading causes of dark spots. Whatever the reason, dark spots occur when cells secrete the amino acid tyrosine, which […]

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