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Feb 15th

Do You Read Labels?

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What sets Privy Skin Care apart from other estheticians and spas? One important difference is our dedication to scrutinizing everything we put on your skin, and avoiding all unnecessary additives, fragrances and chemicals.  All of the products we use have been thoroughly scrutinized and tested for your safety.  But, you might ask, wouldn’t any commercially […]

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Feb 8th

Finding Truth In Beauty

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Tired of trying to figure out if the latest skin care fad is truth or marketing? Are all your friends pushing their own favorite skin care products on you? Privy Skin Care was started with the goal of helping and educating clients about their own skin and skin care.  We want you to feel pampered […]

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Feb 2nd

Pre and Post Game Facial Care

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You’ve taken the time out of your busy schedule to finally schedule a facial treatment, and you’ve paid with your hard eared money, so now make sure none of it goes to waste by following these guidelines (and any others your esthetician gives you). To get the most benefit out of your facial, here are our […]

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Jan 24th

What Are The Benefits Of Facial Serums?

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Is your daily skin care limited to cleaning and moisturizing? Once you learn how serums can help your skin you may decide to add this treatment to your everyday routine. Facial serums do add moisture to the skin, but are actually formulated to address specific skin problems such as acne, fine lines and wrinkles or […]

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Jan 18th

Keeping Your Hands Healthy

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One of the most repeated pieces of advice to stay healthy during flu season is “Wash Your Hands!” Your hands are likely the main culprit when it comes to picking up germs.  But we can’t simply hide them away! Your hands are a big part of first impressions. You shake hands when you meet someone […]

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