Heal Bacne and Treat Hyperpigmentation with Vitamin C


Acne effects more than 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 – and is the source of disdain for many of its sufferers. Acne lesions are not only found on the face, but it can also occur in your back area. The skin on the back is about 4mm thick, making it considerably thicker than 1.4mm skin on the face. Coupled with the fact that the book can be inaccessible to some people, the thicker skin will create more sebum, increasing the potential for a clogged pore. Vitamin C is a natural ingredient that can be used to flush the clogged pore. The mild exfoliating properties of Vitamin C can also alleviate mild hyperpigmentation problems.

Benefits of Vitamin C For Skin Care

Once a cure of scurvy, vitamin C has now been heralded as a skin elixir when applied topically. Vitamin reinforces the collagen walls in the skin, making it a prime ingredient in many anti aging products. This vitamin also has the unique ability to act as an antioxidant – nullifying free radical. Free radical can disturb the molecular nature of the skin, potentially causing the problems with the protective lipids on the skin. Vitamin C can neutralize these free radicals, reinforcing the skin on the back, improving the efficacy of secondary products or medications, and promote overall skin health. If you have a hard time using Vitamin C on your back due to its location, then you consider a customized weekly back treatment that will help heal acne lesions.

How Vitamin C Helps Clear Hyperpigmentation

When acne heals, it will sometimes leave a mark on the skin. This mark is hyperpigmentation – or the pooling of melanin due to trauma. Vitamin C has a slightly exfoliating property to it, helping to lighten these spots over a period of time. Vitamin C can also regulate keratinocytes, which are the predominant cell type of the epidermis. By regulating the formation of keratinocytes, the skin cells on the back are able to heal acne and discolorations.

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