Why Antioxidant Facials are in important in Las Vegas.

Incorporating the right antioxidants in both your diet and your skin care can result in smooth healthy skin. You don’t need to use chemical heavy products. There are several vitamins and nutrients that can keep your skin healthy. Antioxidants work by slowing, and sometimes stopping, the process of oxidation that leads to dysfunctional skin cells. The same process is happening when you see an apple that has been peeled and it starts to turn brown from the contact with oxygen. It’s important to renew the supply of antioxidants for the skin.

The way they slow this process is by preventing the effects of free radicals. Researchers believe that free radicals also play a significant role in heart disease and cancer. Some of the more available antioxidants include beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, and Vitamin C, E and A. These can be found in many fruits and vegetables.

When it comes to skin care, they are very beneficial in protecting you from aging affects of the sun. Sunscreen protects your skin from the outside but antioxidants work from the inside out. Selenium, and the vitamins C, E and A are believed to be extremely helpful in the fight against free radicals and also encourage new tissue growth. Because of this, using the right antioxidants by both ingestion and through your skin care routine will fight lines and wrinkles and actually slow the skin’s aging process.

If you are looking to infuse antioxidants into your skin, besides several daily skin care products that contain antioxidants, a facial can do wonders. Most facials from reputable spas use some combination of antioxidants but it is a good idea to get a consultation first and find out what types of vitamins and minerals they are using and what the benefits are for you. Everyone’s skin type is different and their needs are different as well. There are several types of facials ranging from wrinkle removal to hydration to acne treatment. Find out what an infusion of antioxidants can do for your skin today and contact Joyce Zwiefel at 702-496-2066 or go to to book an appointment online.