How to make your skin more radiant with basic skin care

In this interview, Roberta Perry, skin care expert, gives some of her best tips for facial skin care on how to make your skin more radiant by properly taking care of your face.

Skin Care Basics: How to Wash Your Face

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, cleansers are one of the most important skin care products that a person can use to prevent dry skin. Can you give readers step-by-step process of how to wash your face so that it comes out soft and radiant?

Roberta Perry:

For those who wear make-up, tissue it off completely and gently.
Dampen skin with warm water.
Take about 1.5 teaspoons of a natural, plant oil based sugar scrub and rub between your hands for even coverage.
Apply gently to your face in soft circular motions, taking extra care around eyes and nose.
Rinse off excess sugar till completely gone.
Tissue off any residual makeup/dirt and then rub the natural oils into your skin as a moisturizer. Your skin will be polished, cleansed, rejuvenated and naturally balanced and moisturized.
Products for Sensitive Skin

The simple act of washing can be a real problem for women with sensitive skin. Are there certain skin care products that women with sensitive skin should avoid? What skin care products should they use instead?

Roberta Perry: Anything with artificial micro-beads or pumice particles or shells. Also, artificial preservatives or heavy fragrance are the things most people have an allergic or sensitive reaction to. Salt can be very drying and can burn if you have a cut or irritation too.

With a super gentle, oil based, sugar scrub, you can use water to change the consistency of the product, and make it incredibly smoothing and moisturizing for sensitive skin. Sugar is naturally gentle and stable, and also adds a trace of glycolic acid to the mix, which is a natural component of the sugar and found in other types of exfoliation peels.

Using Skin Care for Anti-Aging

Both the Mayo Clinic and American Academy of Dermatology agree that cleaning your skin and moisturizing it properly lead to moisture- rich, younger looking skin. Using Perry’s skin care regime, above, women may be able to prevent wrinkles that can occur during the natural aging process.

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