5 Common Things That Ruin Your Skin

We all know the basics of skincare – don’t go out without sunscreen, don’t pop your pimples, don’t touch your face too much.  But some of our ordinary, everyday habits have the potential to wreak havoc on our skin.  Watch out for these common things that ruin your skin!

1. Alcohol.  Drinking too much alcohol overworks your liver, which results in dilated pores, broken capillaries, and overproduction of sweat and oil glands.  Most doctors agree that a glass of red wine can have healthful benefits, but stick to just one.

2. Stress.  Relax!  Mental and emotional stress put a strain on your body.  Hormones like adrenaline can make your blood vessels constrict, which means that the flow of nutrients is slowed.  Stress also tends to exacerbate existing skin problems – if you’ve ever suffered from acne or psoriasis, you’ve likely noticed that breakouts accompany stress.

3. Chlorine.  After a swim in the pool, chlorine sticks to your skin and dries it out.  It sometimes remains even after a shower, so be sure to use a sudsy soap to remove all of it.

4. Makeup.  We’re all guilty of occasionally falling asleep without removing all of our makeup, but this habit is really terrible for skin.  Makeup can trap bacteria on your face, which leads to infections and clogged pores.  Also, even if you wash your face in the morning, you’ve left residue on your pillow that can make you sick or damage your face.  No matter how sleepy you are, don’t skip your nightly face washing routine!

5. Cell phones.  If you like to talk on the phone for long periods of time, there’s a good chance the surface of your phone is the cause behind a lot of your skin problems.  Do you wash your hands every time you touch your phone and keep it in a sanitary case?  Probably not, that would be a huge hassle.  To keep the oils and bacteria from transferring to your face, keep some wipes in your purse and clean the screen before you make a phone call.

It’s just not possible to protect your skin from every irritant out there.  To solve the problems you can’t avoid, contact us about our cleansing and healing facial treatments or call 702-496-2066