It may still be in the triple digits here in Las Vegas, but rest assured, fall is on it’s way.  As we head in to cooler, dryer weather, many wonder whether a change in skin care regimen is in order.  The easy answer is yes.. and no!  It really depends so much on the individual person, there is no across the board answer that works for everyone.

During the summer months, your skin may be more sensitive due to the heat and sun, and may require less active topical treatments, and more antioxidants. Winter may cause your skin to ask for more hydration and stimulation to keep skin well exfoliated, allowing hydrating and nutrient-rich ingredients to penetrate the skin.

On the other hand, as Paula Begoun puts it: “If spinach and grapes are healthy for you they are always healthy, and they continue to be healthy, even if you eat them every day. The same is true for your skin, as long as you are applying what is healthy for skin (and avoiding negative external sources such as unprotected sun exposure) it remains healthy. You may see skin stop improving as much as it initially did, but that stands to reason: If you were using products with irritating or drying ingredients and then switch to brilliantly-formulated products, your initial improvement is going to be much more impressive than what you’ll see months later, when skin is maintaining its new-found healthy, younger appearance.”

If the regimen you have gives you the skin and complexion you want, then stick with it for now! Remember that eventually, however, simply due to the biological aging, changes in environments or hormones, and even shifts in your lifestyle, your skin will eventually require some adjusting and changes.

Changing a regimen all depends on what your skin is saying to you. As skin care professionals,  it is our job at Privy Skin Care to continually watch and re-examine your skin, paying close attention to details that you may not have yet noticed. Skin, like a fingerprint, is unique to every individual, and we are dedicated to helping everyone find the face they love to show to the world.

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