Even though you may give your back a good once over in the shower everyday with a brush or scrubbing cloth, nothing compares to having a professional treat the hardest area on the body to reach with a deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (if you need them), mask and hydration. You can assist the process at home with these simple steps:

Exfoliate:  Back breakouts can be made worse when the skin has an abundance of dead skin cells on the surface.  Help resolve this issue by dry brushing before or using a loofah in the shower.

Apply a Acne Spot Treatment When Necessary:  When you have larger and inflamed blemishes such as cysts (blemishes that are sore, painful, and under the skin, rarely coming to the surface) applying a spot treatment as needed after showering can give excellent results.

Weekly Masks:  By applying a mask on freshly cleansed and exfoliated skin, it will allow the active ingredients from the mask to get into the skin and work their blemish-fighting magic.To avoid drying out the skin, especially in winter, you can apply moisturizer as necessary, but make sure it is one that is formulated to fight breakouts, having similar ingredients as the mask.

Get ready with our June special treatment for your back.  Whether you just want to freshen up your skin, fight sun damage, or address acne, we can tailor a treatment just for you.  Schedule your appointment online today, or call for a consultation!