Holiday Stress and Skin Care

Feeling stressed this time of the year? We are wrapping up the crazy holiday season and it’s time to think about you! Christmas gifts are bought and given. Holiday cookies have been eaten, guests went home. Not that you are any less stressed! All of this can add unwelcome stress to your already busy life. The hurried pace and the demands of the season can take a toll on your sanity and your skin. Neglected skin becomes dull, tired and lackluster, the last thing you need. Here’s how to recover from the holiday stress and give some loving to your skin care.

You Don’t Have to be Super

You don’t have to be a superwoman or superman. Don’t sweat the new year. First of all, why even make resolutions you can’t conquer? Be realistic with what you need to accomplish this upcoming year. Focus on what’s important and let the superfluous activities fall to the wayside. Think about yourself and recovery in the new year ahead.


Yes, you can do everything yourself, if you want to sacrifice all your time and effort and pile stress upon yourself. You don’t have to—look around you and enlist the help of people or services. Don’t have time to shop for the gifts you didn’t get? Shop online; to find incredible deals. Enlist your children to help you take down the tree and holiday decorations. The list goes on but you get the drift—share responsibilities and minimize stress.

Festive Fare

The holiday season is also the time for food and lots of it. Sweets, chocolates, pies, turkey, honeyed ham and alcohol—quite the staple and quite the recipe for skin disaster as well. Some studies show that too much sugar floating around in your blood stream may promote acne. Alcohol is known to dry the skin and cause damage to the liver, the organ for detoxifying the body, another bit of bad news for the skin.

Relax and Unwind

Stress can cause your body to produce chemicals that will cause skin problems to flare. For instance, stress causes the production of cortisol, which causes acne. To beat stress, carve out some time to relax. It’s the new year, you made it! Sit and chat. Put up your legs and enjoy a cup of tea. Enjoy your favorite music and spend time with your family and friends. Relaxation diffuses stress and promotes skin health.

Luxuriate in Skin Care

It’s easy to neglect the skin in the holiday rush but don’t let it get that far. Continue with your skin care regimen or your regular facials. Your skin needs to glow more than ever, after all, it’s 2014 now!

This winter season, we offer a special holiday-formulated facial with all the luxurious glories of cinnamon, chocolate and cherry to pamper, nourish and fortify the skin against the holiday stress and dry of the winter. Contact us for more information on how you can keep your skin in the best of holiday cheer.