The crazy holiday season is in full force now, and no doubt between holiday food and holiday stress, your skin is not at it’s best. The hurried pace and the demands of the season can take a toll on your sanity and your complexion. Neglected skin becomes dull, tired and lackluster, the last thing you need as you prepare for family visits and holiday parties. Here are some ways to manage holiday stress and give some attention to your skin care routine.

Turkey Day and Beyond

Starting with Thanksgiving, the holiday season is the time for food, and lots of it! An excess of deserts, breads, potato dishes, alcohol—holidays seem to invite us to indulge in all the things we have under control the rest of the year. Quite the recipe for skin disaster! Some studies show that too much sugar floating around in your blood stream can be toxic to your skin and other organs. Alcohol is known to dry the skin and cause damage to the liver, the organ for detoxifying the body, another bit of bad news for the skin. By all means, enjoy some of your holiday favorites, but in moderation, and set your self up for success ahead of time! Fill up on healthy veggies and salad first, and stay hydrated with water and/or green tea.  Turkey itself (especially if you are able to have an organic or locally raised bird) is not unhealthy when eaten in proper proportions. Don’t “save room for dessert”! Only indulge in the sweets when you are no longer full from your (healthy) meal. No need to try everything offered, save your indulgence for what you really love, whether it be the pecan pie or the holiday cookies.


Of course you can get it all done yourself, but at what cost to your sanity? Give a gift to yourself, get the help of other people or services. Don’t have time to go to the mall to shop for gifts? Shop online to find incredible deals. Enlist your children to help you to put up the holiday decorations. The list goes on but you get the drift—share responsibilities and minimize stress.

Relax and Unwind

Stress can cause your body to produce chemicals that will cause skin problems to flare. For instance, stress causes the production of cortisol, which causes acne. To beat stress, carve out some time to relax. Sit and chat. Put up your legs and enjoy a cup of tea. Enjoy your favorite music and spend time with your family and friends. Relaxation diffuses stress and promotes skin health.  Don’t skip the basics of your skin care routine: cleanse and moisturize twice daily, no matter what.  Keep your mental and physical health a priority.  Scheduling a face or body treatment with us can contribute to your overall well-being!

Enjoy the season!