Woman wearing sleep maskDon’t look now, but holiday season is just around the corner. We’re finishing the Halloween candy, gearing up for Thanksgiving indulgences, and then navigating the joy and stress of gift giving…and capping if off with a New Year’s Eve all nighter. Start this marathon off on the right foot by setting aside your grocery and gift lists for a minute, and start a De-Stress list.

Stress can cause your body to produce chemicals that will cause skin problems to flare. For instance, stress causes the production of cortisol, which causes acne. To beat stress, carve out some time to relax. Sit and chat. Put up your legs and enjoy a cup of tea. Enjoy your favorite music and spend time with your family and friends. Relaxation diffuses stress and promotes skin health.  Don’t skip the basics of your skin care routine: cleanse and moisturize twice daily, no matter what.  Keep your mental and physical health a priority.  Scheduling a face or body treatment with us can contribute to your overall well-being as well.

We highly recommend aromatherapy for stress relief and healing, and to that end we offer two specialized treatments:

Our DeStress Me Facial begins with basic deep cleaning and pore softening but also offers a soothing massage of the neck face, décolleté, shoulders and upper back. This treatment is combined with the euphoric aromas of essential oils so two of your strongest senses—touch and smell—can work together to help you become a more relaxed, vibrant you!

Ultimate Aromatherapy Back Treatment: The ultimate relaxing back facial using essential oils. Based upon your needs we custom blend essential oils to achieve your desired results. This ultimate back treatment consists of cleansing, exfoliation, extractions if needed, massage of the back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and feet, mask, toner and moisturizer.

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