Chemical Peels Erase Away the Years

Do you look in the mirror and wish you could simply wipe away the years from your face? Of course you do! The benefits and lasting effects of chemical peels may just make that wish come true.

There are many different types of peels and your individual skin type will determine which one will give you the best results. It works pretty much as it sounds – peeling of the skin reveals layers of new skin that are usually smoother and less wrinkled than old skin.

That’s the simple explanation, but let’s get below that first layer and explore the benefits further.

A peel stimulates cellular activity which means the rejuvenation process needed to heal acne, age spots, and pigmentation disorders is vastly improved. Your skin tone will appear much more even and youthful.

What about fine lines and wrinkles and that overall sun damaged appearance? Yes, a chemical peel will help to wipe those away too. Peels stimulate the production of collagen and elastin increasing anti-oxidants in the skin as well as firming and hydrating the surface. The overall appearance of your skin will be much smoother.

What could be better than spending a day at a relaxing retreat where you will be provided with a personalized skin care assessment? Privy Skin Care will provide you with a tranquil environment as they reveal to you the many chemical peel and facial options and tailor a treatment plan just for your skin.

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