With time and gravity helping, skin loses its definition, resilience and plump. It sags and drags, creating bags under the eyes, jowls and lines around the mouth and eyes.  It doesn’t help that skin cells renew at a slower rate with age and pores seem to appear larger, due to the slackening skin.

You can blame genetics, weight changes or sun exposure for encouraging sagging skin but won’t change a thing. You can, instead, take matters into your own hand and fight back with these non-invasive ways of improving sagging skin.

Deep Cleaning

Beauty experts agree that developing a skin care routine is key to slowing aging skin. One of the most basic and effective ways to keep skin elastic is deep cleaning. Deep cleaning removes dirt, oil and environmental impurities and promotes cell renewal. It also preps the skin for optimal absorption of nourishing nutrients for the skin.


Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize–that’s prime skin care advice. Just like the body needs water to stay hydrated, skin needs nourishment to stay firm and taut. Choose firming ingredients such as ceremides, peptides and collagen boosters such as vitamin A, C and E. Once the skin is tightened, pores will naturally appear smaller, a happy consequence.


Dead cells can accumulate and cause your skin to sag. Buff the dead cells away and encourage a new layer of skin to grow. Microdermabrasion does just that. Using tiny exfoliating crystals, it “sands” away dead skin and with that, dull skin, age spots and sagging skin. Bye bye sag, hello fab.


Lax muscles produce loose skin. Firm up the underlying fibrous layer of collagen under the skin and put the spring back in your skin. How? Feed your skin with rejuvenating and lifting serum. They help to rejuvenate and encourage collagen production.

You may well have a skin care routine that works for you but if you’re looking to drastically improve sagging skin, you may want to look to the skin experts for help. Privy Skin Care has a whole range of facials and beauty products that will help you do just that.

Contact us today for a comprehensive skin analysis and watch your skin go from slump to plump.