How do you maintain your facial results at home? With your beauty products!

We all love the way our skin looks and feels when we step out of the spa after a facial, whether that be a vitamin C facial, an acne facial, or a hydrating facial.  But how do we maintain those results in between facial appointments?  Through carefully selected beauty products!

Your skin care professional has spent time consulting with you about your current regimen, your skin care concerns and recent condition, as well as what type of facial is best suited for you.  With the customized step-by-step process of your facial, they have targeted your individual needs.  Trust that they will also recommend home products for maintaining these results.

If your primary concern is dark spots, they might recommend a lightening serum to even out your skin time and a sunscreen to help prevent the spots from darkening and to prevent new spots.

If your current skin condition includes excessive dryness and flakiness, they will probably steer you towards a gentle exfoliator to remove the accumulated dead skin as well as a deep moisturizer to maintain those smooth results.

It can be hard after a relaxing facial to receive the sales pitch, but keep an open mind.  Your facialist or esthetician wants to help you have the best complexion possible.  They are there to work with you.  The monthly facial is a great boost, especially if you battle breakouts or excessive fine lines.  But the maintenance in between is the key to maximizing the time and energy you and your skin care professional have spent together.

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