With summer travel season in full swing, it’s important to fine tune your on-the-go skincare kit. Here are some tips to help cover things you might not think about!

Sunscreen the plane

Did you know that cancer-causing UVA rays can penetrate airplane windows? A study in JAMA Dermatology found just one hour at 30,000 feet could expose pilots to the same amount of UV radiation as a 20-minute session in a tanning bed. Your window seat lets in less exposure that the front windows of the plane, but it’s a risk not worth taking! If you get the window seat, the best thing to do is shut the shade.  That’s not always possible, so before flying make sure to apply a good SPF product to your face and hands, and any other skin that is exposed. 

keep original containers 

Trying to keep your products carry-on size can be frustrating. A big benefit is that you can keep your most essential skin care items with you, should your luggage be lost or delayed.  And on long flights, you can freshen up even before landing.  However, it is important to be aware that many of the best products are light or heat sensitive, and exposing them to the elements can degrade them.  If your favorite products come in travel sizes, just purchase a few that way and use them in your travel bag. 

quality over convenience

Along those lines, avoid impulse purchasing a cute travel size product you’ve never tried before. Although it may seem convenient, you don’t want to risk a reaction to a new product while traveling. If you feel like to need to change products, plan ahead and try that product well before your travel. 

Hands and lips

Lastly, while the focus is on keeping your face fresh and well hydrated, two commonly forgotten areas are your hands and lips. From the dry air on planes, to the necessity of constant hand washing and sanitizing, those to areas take a lot of abuse.  Keep a lip balm and moisturizing hand cream with you at all times. 

plan ahead

Planning a big (or small) trip and want to look your best? Schedule your skincare appointment well in advance so we can help you make any adjustments you need to your skincare routine.  Schedule easily online from our website, or call with any questions.  See you soon!