One of our most popular treatments is ProCell Therapies micro-channeling. (Read more about it here.) In essence, microchanneling stimulates your body to release proteins that increase collagen production. After a ProCell treatment, ProCell Microchannel Delivery Serum is used, as it greatly increases the efficacy of the treatment. Why do we use this, and why is it important?

Stem Cells

Stem cells make proteins called cytokines.  Cytokines include growth factors and peptides. Growth factors and peptides are important in stimulating your body to produce collagen. Decreases in collagen are what causes visible aging in our skin, such as wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Part of the reason for this is that as we age, the stem cells that produce the proteins to stimulate collagen decrease and become less efficient.  Since micro-channeling relies on the body’s ability to ramp up collagen production, we use ProCell aftercare products containing stem cell derivatives (namely, the proteins we keep mentioning) to make up for what your body isn’t doing on it’s own. 


The mention of stem cells in products often leads to questions! Here are some of the answers straight from ProCell:

Do your products contain actual stem cells?

“Skin care products that have the word “Stem Cell” in their name or description do not actually contain stem cells. Stem cells cannot survive outside the body. What they do have are proteins that stem cells make. These proteins are called cytokines.”

Where did you get the proteins?

“There was an initial draw of bone marrow from genetically & health screened athletes at the university where Drs Sanderson & Taylor were on staff in California. The Adult Stem Cells were isolated via centrifuge, and the bone marrow discarded. The Stem Cells were then set up in a culture, meaning they can now be maintained in the lab. The culture produces the full spectrum of human cytokines.The cytokines are separated from tissue into a conditioned media via gravity filtration, sorting them by molecular weight and in the process purifying them of any other material.”

Are they safe and effective?

“The ProCell products contain a broad spectrum of cytokines that support rejuvenation throughout the wound healing cascade induced by microchanneling: from fibroblast stimulation, to collagen production, to cell division, proliferation, and importantly, matrix & tissue inhibition cytokines that “turn off” the wound healing cascade at the right time. So they are both effective and safe. The products are produced in an FDA compliant manufacturing facility, and have been on the market in one form or another for nearly a decade.”

ready to try it?

I hope we’ve answered your questions, but if not, feel free to ask at your next appointment! Schedule online, or give us a call at 703-496-2066.