sunhatDuring your daily skin care routine, how often do you forget your sunscreen? (Accidentally, or on purpose?) We know that YOU know that sun protection, especially in sunny Las Vegas, is important.  But as we uncover more of our skin for spring (and gloat about it to our friends in the midwest and east), let’s review our reasons and renew our resolve to take sun protection seriously.

1. Prevents Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a real and serious risk, and can be life threatening.  Isn’t that reason enough? Using sunscreen helps reduce the risk of skin cancer. Depending on the type, sunscreen absorbs, reflects, or scatters sunlight, causing your body to be exposed to lesser amounts of harmful UV rays. Using a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 is recommended. Want to stay protected, but concerned about the chemicals in your sunscreen? Check out the Environmental Working Group’s guide to sunscreens.

2. Prevents sunburns

Yep. Sunburns are unpleasant, and unattractive. And besides being painful, getting a sunburn increases your risk of  melanoma. This is especially dangerous for children, because they are more prone to sunburns due to their delicate skin and reluctance to get slathered in sunscreen at the appropriate intervals.

3. Slows skin aging

Using sunscreen everyday not only helps protect us from cancer, but it also helps protect us from showing signs of aging. Take a look at the areas of your skin that are generally exposed to the sun. Now look at the parts of your body that aren’t. The parts that aren’t exposed to the sun are smoother, clear and free of sunspots. The areas that are will show signs of aging.

Sunscreen is only one line of defense when it comes to skin protection.  Clothing that covers more skin, hats with wide brims, and staying in the shade when possible all contribute to healthier, and younger looking skin.

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