Basic Skin Care: Why you need to use sunscreen.

The importance of sunscreen is something that is overlooked by many. During your daily skin care routine, it is easy to forget something so seemingly insignificant, but it is something you do not want to skip. Why, you ask? Read on for a few reasons:

1. Prevents Skin Cancer
Using sunscreen helps reduce the risk of skin cancer. The chemicals in sunscreen absorb, reflect, or scatter sunlight causing your body to be exposed to lesser amounts of harmful UV rays. Using a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 should do the trick.

2. Prevents sunburns
Again, another obvious one but still worth mentioning. Besides sunburns being obnoxiously painful, sunburns are also associated with an increased risk in melanoma. This is especially dangerous to children, because they are more prone to sunburns.

3. Slows skin aging
Using sunscreen everyday not only helps protect us from cancer, but it also helps protect us from showing signs of aging. The suncreen diverts the sun’s harmful rays, which means our skin takes less of a beating. Thus, preserving our skin’s natural youth and beauty for a longer period of time. Don’t believe me? Then take a look at the areas of your skin that are generally exposed to the sun. Now look at the parts of your body that aren’t. The parts that aren’t exposed to the sun are smoother, clear and free of sunspots. The areas that are will show signs of aging.

Now let me impress a couple of things upon you. Sunscreen is NOT a bullet proof vest. Just because you apply sunscreen religiously does not mean that you won’t be exposed to UV rays. Sunscreen is a means of reducing the risk, not eliminating the risk altogether.

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