Bringing the Experience Home with Privy Skin Care Beauty Products

In between appointments, enjoy a taste of Privy Skin Care at home with the best beauty products available. The Rhonda Allison products we use are made from a blend of active natural ingredients and scientifically developed compounds. Beginning with the purest ingredients (no dyes, colors, perfumes, or additives), Rhonda Allison complements these components with advanced techniques like the Science of Chirality. Better yet, this company does NOT test on animals.

Privy Skin Care also has dōTERRA® essential oils available for purchase. Their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils are skillfully distilled from plants that are harvested at the optimal moment for superior composition and efficacy. Such oils have been used for centuries for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. From aromatherapy to skin restoration to dietary supplementation, you’re bound to find an oil just right for your specific self-care concern.

Not sure which product is right for you? Ask about a complimentary consultation and purchase with confidence.Hopefully you already have some favorites in mind from previous treatments with Privy.

Of course, at home you don’t have the luxury of savoring Privy Skin Care’s serene environment. Whether it’s kids, significant others, or a nagging to-do list, it can be a challenge to get a few minutes–let alone an hour–to yourself. Locking the bathroom door doesn’t mean your moment of peace won’t be interrupted by knocks and phone calls. Give yourself a guaranteed retreat by scheduling some me-time at Privy Skin Care and delight in the pleasing scents, tranquil sounds, and soothing decor of our Las Vegas location.

To schedule a service or purchase products contact Privy Skin Care at 702-496-2066 or go to