How To Use Black Soap For Skin Care

You may have heard buzz recently about this alternative beauty treatment: black soap, and find yourself asking, “How do I use black soap for skin care?”

Black soap is traditionally made from palm leaves, bark, and other plant material which is initially burnt. By mixing the ashes with coconut oil or shea butter, it’s given its unique black color.

Quite versatile, it can be used as a shampoo, skin cleanser, make-up remover, and body wash. It’s even useful for treatment in cases of dandruff, acne, sensitive skin, and even to reduce wrinkles.

If you’re using the bar form of the soap, begin with exerting some pressure and breaking off a small chunk. If you’re using the liquid form, simply apply a small amount in your hand. Lather up the soap using lukewarm water at a low flow through your hands. It’s good with your hair in particular to use just the lather, as using the actual soap can cause the ends of your hair to split or break.

Smooth the lather across your face and skin. Use your hands or a washcloth, however there’s no need to scrub your face, as black soap will clear your complexion without exfoliation.

You can also easily create a face mask by soaking a chunk of black soap in water for about 20 minutes, which will turn it into mush. Pour out the excess water and mix the paste with honey until you have a sticky mask. Applying it once daily should do the trick.

Since black soap does not have preservatives, it’s probably a good idea to store it in an air-tight container.

It will be clear to see the many benefits of black soap when used appropriately. For more information, contact Privy Skin Care.