2015skincareWe recently covered some of the common skin care myths, now let’s turn the table and focus on some of the skin care truths!

Seeing a licensed esthetician will benefit your skin. Truth! Sure, some lucky souls are blessed with apparently perfect skin.  But not one of them is immune to the effects of aging and environmental damage. Seeing a professional will help minimize those detrimental effects.  At the other end of the spectrum are those with significant skin problems, such as severe acne.  A large majority of our clients find us in order to seek treatment for acne, and cystic acne.  We are so pleased to be able to make a difference for those people, and help them feel comfortable in their own skin again.

Your skin changes all the time. Truth! It changes with different life stages (puberty, pregnancy, menopause), different stress levels, even lifestyle changes can show up in your skin.  An esthetician can see these changes, discuss them with you, and tailor your treatments and your product recommendations to reflect what your skin most needs at that time.

Your skin is your largest organ. Truth! Keeping your skin healthy and happy is our priority, shouldn’t it be one of yours too? We can treat your face, your back, your pregnant belly, tackle wrinkles, blemishes and unwanted hair.  It’s not like we have superpowers, but it comes close 😉

When you are comfortable in your skin you are confident, and it shows.  Truth! Whatever your goal is, whatever level of treatment you want, we are here to help you.  Bikini wax, tailored eyebrows and chemical peels? Done.  No waxing, Cara Brows and glowing bare skin? Done!

And aside from the cosmetic benefits, simply setting aside time for someone to care for you can have an amazing effect on your psychological well being!

Call us for a consultation, or schedule your appointment online today.  We look forward to seeing you!