Rejuvenating spa services in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous for many things: Casinos, hotels, entertainment, and gourmet cuisine all exist in abundance. You come here for the night life, the adventure, the food, and the excitement. But while you are making memories of fun that will last a lifetime, what is happening to your skin? More and more research is showing that missed sleep, decadent food, and stress- even the fun, exciting kind- can seriously impact your skin. If you want to stay looking healthy and refreshed, our spa services may be just what you need.


Did you wake up from a late night to find dark circles under your eyes? A rejuvenating facial is just what you need. Whether you’re in a hurry or have all the time in the world, we have the facial for you. Our facials range from a quick, 30 minute Express facial to a luxurious, 75 minute ‘Destress me’ aromatherapy treatment. Facials are not just an enjoyable experience, though. They also offer significant health benefits.

Increased Circulation

Studies have shown that receiving a facial can improve circulation. The warm steam applied to the face opens blood vessels to help bring oxygen and nutrients to the face, which encourages new cell growth. The light massage received during a facial also stimulates circulation.

Reduced Fluid Retention

During a facial, as the product is rubbed onto your skin, your lymphatic system is awakened. Your lymph nodes, whose job it is to eliminate excess fluid, are stimulated by the facial and kick it into overdrive. The result is an increase in fluid drainage, which means no more feeling puffy or bloated.

Lowered Blood Pressure

Yes, a facial can have decrease the more harmful effects of stress, such as raised blood pressure. Stress- whether good or bad- can temporarily increase your blood pressure and heart rate to unhealthy levels. A relaxing facial in the calm environment of the spa room starts to lower that blood pressure in minutes, and its relaxing effects can last long after the treatment is over.

So the next time you’re treating yourself to a weekend of pampering in Vegas, contact us at or 702-496-6088 and let us pamper your skin.