3 Common Myths, and the Truths About your Pores

Pores are tiny openings in the skin that release natural oils from the sebaceous glands below the surface. This process aids in moisturizing, which is essential for good skin health. Everyone has pores, but for some they are the cause of a lot of stress and worry; especially for those with large pores. The market is overflowing with beauty products claiming to reduce pore size or even eliminate pores, however most claims about pore size reduction are false. For information on what can be done to minimize the appearance of your pores, check out these three common myths and truths about your pores .

Myth #1: Hot water increases the size of your pores allowing dirt and oils to be washed away, and cold water shrinks pores.

The Truth: Pores can’t enlarge or shrink, but excess oil and dirt can stretch them out of shape causing them to appear larger. Daily washing with products containing alpha or beta hydroxy acids, exfoliating twice a week and receiving facials helps remove built up dirt, oil and dead skin cells. Keeping your skin clean contributes to the appearance of smaller pores, as will an oil-absorbing moisturizer with a matte finish.

Myth #2: Blackheads are a buildup of dirt in the pores.

The Truth: In reality, blackheads are the result of the oils in your pores coming in contact with oxygen. Keeping your skin clean and exfoliated will reduce the development of blackheads.

Myth #3: Picking at acne causes large pores.

The Truth: Pore size is determined by genetics. Some of us get great looking skin with small pores because it runs in our family, as for the rest of us; well let’s just say we get the short end of the stick. However acne can be caused by clogged pores so regular cleansing will help reduce not only the appearance of pores, but also breakouts. Beware of over-washing though, which dries the skin out, removes healthy oils and may contribute to an increase in acne.

For information on products or services to reduce the appearance of your pores, contact us. We specialize in facials, peels and microdermabrasion services designed to gently remove excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking soft and your pores clean and minimized. We also carry products that are specially formulated to help you, and your pores, look your best by keeping your skin clean, exfoliated and moisturized.