How to Make Your Skin Look Younger: Tips for Both Men and Women

Do you know how to make your skin look younger, no matter your gender? Having healthy skin is just as important for men as it is for women, and both can take some immediate steps to make some slight skin improvement before having more professional treatment done. The first stop along that path is right in your grocery store aisle.

Foods That Are Best for the Skin

Anything with Omega-3 fatty acids can help with skin blemishes for a more vibrant skin tone. Eating salmon is useful for all aspects of optimum health, and it should be your first purchase in helping your skin. However, anything that’s high in Vitamin C will help with keeping your skin hydrated as a wrinkle inhibitor. Yellow bell peppers have been recommended by some doctors as providing that extra dose of Vitamin C you’ll need.  

Lotions for Men

Men should consider using a skin moisturizer when they wake up in the morning. Buy a moisturizer containing SPF to protect from the sun when going out and about. Don’t forget, though, that treatment may also be necessary before going to bed at night. Many stronger skin lotions can be bought that keep male skin hydrated all night so dryness doesn’t occur by morning.

Lotions For Women

According to a report on anti-aging lotions from the auspices of Dr. Oz, women should only wash their face at night and not again in the morning to avoid drying out the skin. An alpha-hydroxyl cleanser is also recommended to use at night as a way toward easier exfoliation of the skin. These cleansers frequently add various acids (like citric acid) that help remove oil from the skin.

The Old Benefit of Cucumber Slices

While this technique has sometimes been poked fun at, using cucumber slices to help temporarily reduce puffiness around the eyes truly does work for both men and women. Placing cold cucumber slices over the eyes helps restrict blood vessels that causes the puffiness noticed with concern when waking up in the morning. After 15 minutes, this technique will make the area under your eyes look better for the short term. Long term, your developing puffiness and wrinkles are going to need more advanced care.

Chemical Peels

Both men and women can benefit from a chemical peel on their skin. These come in degrees from simpler peels to more deep-layered ones that require more time. Many men prefer the quicker peel that stimulates collagen on the skin for more skin rejuvenation. A quicker peel can usually be done in less than half an hour and is very affordable. Nevertheless, it should usually be repeated to keep wrinkles from returning.

For women, more extensive chemical peels are sometimes preferred for a near permanent effect. They’ll need more time, however, because the deeper peels can take up to two hours.

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