Skin care doesn’t have to be complicated. Seeing an esthetician isn’t just for problem skin.  Looking for a little simplicity in your life? Start with these three tips for maintaining your best skin in the Las Vegas desert climate:


Drinking plenty of water and other hydrating fluids (like green tea) everyday is one of the most important steps you can take in caring for your skin. We live in a desert, so this is a no-brainer! BUT it is also easier said than done sometimes, especially during the colder months. Skin is an organ, making it susceptible to toxins and the effects of dehydration. Hydration needs vary from person to person based on lifestyle and activity level, but a good place to start is to commit to 8 glasses of water daily.

2. Nutrition

You are what you eat.  Seriously.  We are surrounded by fast food, chemically laden food, calorie rich and nutrient poor food.  We eat out of boredom, we eat (or don’t eat) because of stress.  All of these factors are affecting your health, and your skin.  When choosing your food, take a moment to consider your motivation and the consequences.  Allow yourself room for splurges, but try to be mindful of how you eat overall.  When  you can, try to choose unprocessed, organic foods, and meats without added hormones.  See what small changes can do for you!

3. Protection (from the sun…)

One of the major factors that can influence the look of your skin is the sun, which damages skin tissue (skin cancer!), causes premature aging, and dries out your skin. Again, we live in the desert, so this should always be on your mind! Use a good sunscreen made for your facial skin type if you plan on spending any amount of time out of doors. Products containing zinc oxide give a natural defense against the sun, and zinc oxide is one of the safest ingredients you can use on your skin.

Always be mindful of these three things, and your skin will thank you!

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