Ah, the spa day. The retreat of the weary, the overworked, the stressed, and the just plain fortunate.  But when you pick the spa out of a hat, how much do you know about the products and methods they use? More importantly, what do they know about you? Stop going on blind dates, find an esthetician to build a relationship with!

Whether you save up for twice yearly facials, or want monthly treatments, building a relationship with a licensed esthetician is a must. Your skin changes constantly, as does your environment, your eating habits, your stress level… you get the picture.  Being able to discuss all the variables and have your treatment tailored to your skin AND your lifestyle is priceless.

Questions we might ask you:

What do you like about your skin and what would you like to improve?

What skin care products do you use now, and what have you used in the past?

How has your skin changed?

Do certain foods or environments trigger a change in your skin?

How was your last treatment?  What did you like/dislike?

At Privy Skin Care, we want you to be comfortable, informed, and be an active participant in achieving your skin care goals (even if that goal is just to be pampered!).  We offer custom facials, crystal free microdermabrasions, waxing, eyebrow and eyelash tinting and enzyme/acid peels utilizing Rhonda Allison products- the best in the field.  Schedule an appointment for a treatment or consultation today, we’re looking forward to meeting you.