You know the drill right? How to prepare for a facial (aside from actually remembering to schedule it!):

Don’t use an exfoliator for at least 48 hours.

Don’t get a laser treatment.

Don’t wax or thread.

Don’t schedule it on the same day as major event.

But are you also prepared with the knowledge of what to do after your facial? You’ve taken the time out of your busy schedule, you’ve paid with your hard eared money, so now make sure none of it goes to waste by following these rules (and any others your esthetician gives you):

Hands Off!  A professional just spent 60 minutes cleansing your skin. Please do not go home and rewash it because it feels different. If it feels greasy, a splash of water will suffice at bedtime, if you must. And your baby-fresh skin is now more vulnerable to infections, so keep your germy hands off your face.

Keep to the dark side, no sun! Even incidental sun exposure can cause damage. Most facials include a scrub and/or a peel, so you are walking around with a batch of vulnerable skin cells on the surface of your skin that need to be protected. Make sure you apply sunscreen before leaving the house.

Go easy with your at-home care. Alpha-hydroxy acid peels, chemical exfoliators and vitamin A are a recipe for redness and over-sensitive skin when combined together. Play safe and give your skin a 2-3 day break from potent at-home products after a treatment.

Water, water, everywhere. You should always drink plenty of water, especially after a facial. Not only will it keep you (and your skin) hydrated,  but water also helps your body flush out any toxins that may have been released during the facial.

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