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Mar 15th

Skin Care Myths

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It is amazing how pervasive some of these skin care myths are, despite all evidence to the contrary.  Read, learn, and go forth and spread the truth:  Myth: Vigorous washing will clear up bad skin.  No no no! Too much/too vigorous washing will dry out and irritate your skin, leading to more problems.  Try to […]

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Mar 8th

What is “Natural” Skin Care?

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While we are advocates of using the purest, least chemically laden products as possible, one must also be cautious of putting blind faith in DIY or “natural,” and “organic” skin care products. Don’t fall victim to excellent marketing of mediocre products. Here are the main points to be aware of: Products marketed as “natural” skin […]

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Mar 1st

Hold The Coffee, Try Green Tea

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  As the winter season drags on, even non-coffee drinkers can be tempted by the sugary, flavored coffee drinks. Playing on our sugar addiction and the temptation of new flavors, marketing geniuses get us at every corner! However, remember that consuming excess sugar takes a toll both on your health, and on your skin. As […]

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Feb 23rd

The Power of Touch

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There is a whole other side to what we do, and it is one of the founding principles of Privy Skin Care.  We believe, and science has confirmed, that the mind and the skin are connected on many different levels.   One study at the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami showed that mood […]

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Feb 15th

Do You Read Labels?

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What sets Privy Skin Care apart from other estheticians and spas? One important difference is our dedication to scrutinizing everything we put on your skin, and avoiding all unnecessary additives, fragrances and chemicals.  All of the products we use have been thoroughly scrutinized and tested for your safety.  But, you might ask, wouldn’t any commercially […]

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