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Jul 18th

Sunburn, Now What??

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All but the most vigilant of us has been there. You didn’t think you’d be out in the sun for very long, or you forgot to reapply, or you missed a spot…we’ve likely all experienced sunburn of one degree or another.  After chastising yourself to do better next time, it’s time to take care of […]

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Jun 26th

How to Choose Your Facial

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You want a facial.  You found us.  Now what? At Privy Skin Care, we offer a variety of different facials to choose from, giving you custom-designed treatments that can perfectly fit into your schedule and lifestyle. Before any treatment, you will receive a skin analysis to determine which products will work best for your skin; […]

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Jun 19th

Saving Your Skin in Las Vegas

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Every season wreaks its own special havoc on your skin.  Here are some tips from the creator of one of our favorite product lines,  Rhonda Allison, on how to combat the top culprits found in a Las Vegas summer: Block Summer Rays – Nothing is more important than wearing sun protection daily. Ideally, use sun […]

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May 8th

Peptide Peptalk

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What Are Peptides? Peptides are short chains of amino acids linked together by peptide bonds, and are closely related to protein. Put simply, the shorter chain molecules are called peptides while longer chains are called proteins. Peptides and proteins are present in every living cell and are responsible for many biochemical activities, including acting in enzymes and […]

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May 1st

Sun Damage and Your Skin

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Sun damage.  Even if you’re proactive about protecting your skin now, you may not have had the same dedication when you were younger, leaving you with some unwanted effects. If you’re not careful about protecting your skin from the sun yet, it’s never too late to start!! Or, perhaps you apply, but that suntan or […]

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