At Privy Skin Care, we offer a variety of different facials to choose from, giving you custom-designed treatments that can perfectly fit into your schedule and lifestyle. Before any treatment, you will receive a skin analysis to determine which products will work best for your skin; ensuring you get optimum results.

For the chronically time crunched, the Express facial will be ideal. The Express facial can easily be fit in during a lunch break, or that brief window of time when all the kids are occupied; leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after only a 30-minute treatment. Though the treatment is quick, you still receive the essential facial basics such as skin analysis, cleaning, exfoliating, mask, and moisturizer to leave the skin with a healthy glow. The Express facial can be a quick pick-me up to help you through a hectic week (or month!).

If you have a bit more time, The Basic facial provides a deep thorough cleaning that will freshen and rejuvenate your skin. Unlike the Express facial, The Basic does include gentle extractions. The Basic facial is great for maintenance and upkeep of your skin.

If time is not an issue and you need some added tranquility, you can experience full relaxation with the Deluxe Renewal facial. This provides the same treatment as The Basic facial, as well as a whole body pick- me up by including a relaxing massage of the shoulders, arms, neck, hands and feet.

Building on the Deluxe Renewal facial, the Ultimate Hydration, Vitamin C Renewal, Firming and the De-Stress Me Facials all add specific treatments to the experience. Has the desert air dried you out? The Ultimate Hydration will plump you up again with intense hydration for your skin. Want to reverse the signs of sun-damage? Vitamin C will even your skin tone and give you back your glow. Looking to step up your anti-aging regimen? The Firming facial infuses your skin with antioxidants and valuable vitamins which strengthen the skin, reversing the signs of aging. Need to escape to your happy place for a little while? The De-Stress Me facial uses an aromatherapy treatment combined with the Deluxe Renewal to help you escape from your hectic lifestyle and experience peace and relaxation.

Tired of a constant battle with acne? Consider the Acne Facial, a full hour treatment to diminish acne and prevent against further breakouts. To reap the full benefits, a series of weekly treatments is recommended. Over time and with proper care, you will be able to reduce acne and keep your complexion free of blemishes.

These are just a few of our treatments at Privy Skin Care. Please contact us at or 702-496-2066 to learn more about our offered treatments and which one is right for you, or click the “Schedule Now” button to book your appointment today.