skincareWhat happens in Vegas…can wreak havoc on your complexion. Late night partying, desert climate, and sun and smoke exposure are all likely culprits.  In addition to a headache, each of these factors can severely dehydrate your skin, resulting in a tight, dry feel the next morning. Here are some skin care tips to get you looking and feeling better in no time.

1. Wash your face and perform your morning routine, even if it’s no longer morning. Late nights often turn into mornings with a face of smudged makeup. If you didn’t wash and moisturize your face before bed, do it as soon as you wake up! Your skin will feel so much better when it’s clean, and it will be ready to soak up much needed moisturizer.

2. Splash your face with ice water to reduce facial puffiness. You can also use cool tea bags, either black or green tea, as compresses over your eyes.

3. Massage your under eye area. Dab a small amount of eye cream and using circular motions with your fingertip, massage the entire under eye area. This will stimulate circulation and help both with puffiness and dark circles.

5. Rehydrate! Drinking alcohol, in the desert, and in the sun, is a recipe for instant dehydration. Rehydrate your body (and skin) by drinking water all day and add fruits into your glass for a boost of antioxidants as well as taste.

Prevention is the best way to keep looking and feeling your best of course.  Sun protection, frequent hydration with water, and adequate sleep are ideal- but we don’t always manage them, especially in Las Vegas.  When you have a bit too much fun, use these tips to get back on track.  A professional treatment is never a bad idea either!

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