Would you like to celebrate independence from skin care woes? Take these tips to heart! 

Know your skin type

One of the easiest changes to make is to simply make sure you know your skin type, and adjust your regimen accordingly.  Skin type can change with age, so now is a great time to re-evaluate yours!

Identify your skin care bad habits 

Many of our skin care mistakes are small things that we may not realize we are doing, or how often we’re doing them.  Take a day or two to really pay attention to all that you do/don’t do to or for your skin.  Then one by one, give yourself a week or two to work on each bad habit, replacing it with a good habit.

Find an esthetician you love

Set aside some of your pennies and your time to get your skin professionally cared for. Even the simple goal of getting a facial treatment at each change of season will do wonders to perk up your skin, and keep you on track for continued healthy skin.

Stay out of the sun

We could repeat this every day all year, and still not say it enough.  Whether you love the outdoors or just love lounging by the pool, we beg of you, protect your skin from the sun. Not only will it keep your skin from prematurely aging, but it will protect you from skin cancer.

Cut back on the sugar

Sure, healthy eating is the hallmark of many a goal.  But there’s a reason for that! Hidden sugar is sabotaging us even in foods that appear to be healthy.  (Choosing the yogurt and granola parfait for breakfast? Check the sugar content- many have 21 grams and above!) You already know that sugar is bad for your waistline, but it is also bad for your skin (and not it the way you may think).


We’re busy people.  We live in the desert.  We are all dehydrated! Skip the fancy vitamin waters (watch out for added sugar!), wean yourself off the diet cokes, and simply drink more water and green tea. Easy breezy way to improve your health and your skin.


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