smoothOne of the few things to miss about winter is the excuse not to shave! So as we head into summer (and lose that excuse), here are some tips to make shaving less irritable, and last longer:

1) Exfoliating Scrub: Using a quality exfoliating scrub on your legs gently removes dead and dry skin to guarantee you a close, smooth shave. Not only does it leave your skin softer than before, but the closer shave means you’ll have to shave less (who doesn’t want that?).

2) Shaving cream or oil: It should be a given but many woman skip this shaving essential and pay the price with razor burn or nicked skin. A light layer of shaving cream hydrates the skin and allows your razor to slide gently around knees and under arms. The best time to shave is at the end of a warm shower, when blood vessels are dilated, causing skin to plump and expose the entire base of the hair follicle. Warm water also softens hair so it doesn’t snap, helping prevent ingrown hairs. To avoid blade rust and skin infections, swap out the blade every 5 to 10 shaves at a minimum.

3) Razors: Speaking of razors – invest in a quality razor that doesn’t need to be replaced every week. Not all razors are created equal and paying a bit more guarantees you a flexible, precise blade that will shave your legs not scrape your legs. Ideally you want a razor with three or more blades, a comfortable handle and a high-degree of maneuverability in the razor’s tip.

4) Moisturizer: Silky smooth legs should be polished off with a coat of your favorite moisturizer. As we’re approaching summer, make sure you find a product with long-lasting hydration and sun protection to keep your skin looking its best!

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