Spring is in the air

… and that usually means more pollen and dust. With all those irritants blowing into your face, at minimum you can expect itchy eyes and nose, and those prone to seasonal allergies are truly uncomfortable. No matter the severity, spring allergies can wreak havoc on our looks.

Often these allergies cause the skin to swell and take on a yellowish hue due to the seepage of serum from the bloodstream into the skin. Your eyes can become puffy and your skin can become red and flaky.  Don’t let these symptoms keep you at home though, here are our tips for caring for your skin during spring allergy season:

1.  Avoid

Steer clear of products that contain fragrances and/or preservatives such as parabens and/or propylene glycol. These are high on the list of allergens that can irritate your already stressed skin.

2. Wash

Use a gentle cleanser on your face as soon as you get home so allergens don’t sit on your skin.

3. Be Gentle

Inflamed nasal passages cause sneezing and stuffiness, and frequent nose wiping aggravates skin.  Be gentle when you blow your nose, and use soft, high-quality tissues.

4. Reduce

Reduce salt intake, drink more water, and sleep on your back to prevent puffy eyes.  Steep bags of chamomile, green or black tea in hot water, let cool, and apply to your eyes for 15 minutes to help reduce puffiness.

5. Glow

To mimic a healthy glow, add a few tiny drops of coconut, grapeseed, or jojoba oil to the tops of your cheekbones and your brow bones

6. Simplify

Don’t try and cover up your allergy laden skin with more makeup, it will only look more pronounced.   Use less, and only in key areas. Use a bronzer with brown, rather than red undertones, and with a small amount of shimmer for countouring. For trouble spots, use a corrector with green undertones, the green cancels out the red.

As always, we are here to help with whatever your skin needs! Call with any questions, or simply schedule your appointment online.