What is one of the most common areas that many people neglect in their skin care routine?  (A hint, it’s hard to see and often even harder to reach.) It’s your back! Whether you want to clear up back acne, or just freshen up your skin, a back treatment is a perfect way to give attention to that neglected area. This applies to the men as well as the ladies!

Like a regular facial, having a back treatment is relaxing. It is a way of exfoliating an area that you cannot get to on your own. A back treatment can be beneficial for you even if you do not suffer from back acne, as it will exfoliate the dead skin and then provide deep cleansing and hydration. Many of our treatments include a massage of the back, neck, shoulders and hands. It is the perfect prep before a special event where you will be showing your back in a plunging dress or give you an extra glow during bathing suit season.

All of our treatments are custom designed to your specific skin care needs utilizing high end professional skin care cosmeceuticals by Rhonda Allison. Based upon your skin analysis we will choose the appropriate products to be used during your treatment. We not only want you to have an amazing treatment but want you to leave seeing and feeling the results.

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