Skin Care for Winter Weather

The long nights, cold days of winter may be just right for cuddling in front of a fireplace or a hot cup of cider but the cold and dry air may also be working overtime to dry your skin. If your skin feels tight, red, dry or itchy, you may be having a case of winter skin blues. A little extra tender loving skin care may be just what you need and here’s how you can keep your skin soft, moisturized and glowing during the winter season:

Gentle Does It

Look through your skin products—do they have fragrances, alcohol, antibacterial additives or deodorant? If they do, switch them out for gentler, milder soaps and cleanser. Consider using skin products with ceramides as they’re also found in the fatty molecules in your skin. Ceramides help to hold in moisture, much needed in the dry, cold weather.

Don’t be Afraid to Moisturize

Give your skin the moisture it needs day and night and anytime in between when your skin feels dry. Some moisturizers are more effective than others. Dermatologists suggest using moisturizers containing urea, lactic acid, dimenthicone, glycerin, lanolin or mineral oil. They serve to lock in moisture or replenish moisture lost.

Warm, not Hot

Long, hot showers or bath may sound relaxing but don’t go there. At least not in the winter. The hot water can strip your skin of its natural oil barrier, leaving you with dry scaly skin. Instead, take short, warm showers, no more than 5 to 10 minutes. Once you step out of the shower, gently pat dry (do not rub) and moisturize right away to seal in moisture.

Slough the Dead Away

Dead skin can prevent moisturizers from nourishing your skin.  However, this is not the time to exfoliate with vigor. Exfoliate gently using skin products containing lactic acid or salicylic acid. Some exfoliates can irritate skin, be sure to check with your dermatologists or skin care provider.

Taking good care of your skin in the winter will help your skin stay supple, soft, clear and healthy. Contact us today to take care of your skin needs. We will be happy to help your skin stay hydrated, nourished and pampered all through the dry winter months.             702.496.2066