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Jan 17th

Tips For Youthful Eyes

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Want to take a few years (or a long week) off your face? Or perhaps feel confident about going makeup free? It’s simple, take care of your eyes! There are countless eye creams and products on the market to help you with this, and if that is your cup of tea we can help you […]

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Jan 10th

Your Health is in Your Hands During Flu Season

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We are in the midst of a doozy of a flu season! One of the most repeated pieces of advice during this time is “Wash Your Hands!” Your hands are likely the main culprit when it comes to picking up germs.  But we can’t simply hide them away! Your hands are a big part of […]

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Jan 4th

A Fresh Start for 2020!

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New year, same resolutions?  Why not make 2020 a year of fresh starts and novelty, starting with tossing out the traditional resolution list? Most lists seem to be inspired by guilt: lose weight, eat better, go to the gym, balance your budget, etc., etc. While those goals are important, who wants to stick with a […]

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Dec 22nd

How to Handmake Holiday Gifts

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Thinking about some DIY skin care gifts this holiday season? Salt and sugar scrubs can be deliciously easy; most ingredients you may already have around the house. The bonus to making them yourself is leaving out the unpleasant preservatives/chemicals/mysterious “fragrances” found in many store bought products.  But there’s a little more you should know. When […]

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Dec 13th

Your Mind/Body Connection

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There is a whole other side to what we do, and it is one of the founding principles of Privy Skin Care.  We believe, and science has confirmed, that the mind and the skin are connected on many different levels.  Emotions can be expressed through the skin just as stress can be expressed through gastrointestinal […]

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