Truth or marketing?

While we are advocates of using the purest, least chemically laden products as possible, be cautious of putting blind faith in DIY or “natural,” and “organic” skin care products. Don’t fall victim to excellent marketing of mediocre products! There are may reasons to be wary. Products marketed as “natural” skin care remedies may not contain enough of the advertised ingredient to make a difference. Labels such as “green” and “natural” are marketing labels that are not regulated by the government. Just because something says it is “natural” doesn’t mean it works better than synthetic products. Some “natural” products can actually aggravate skin conditions (ie: essential oils such as rosemary or peppermint can be irritants, and coconut oil can aggravate acne). As for now, there is no published research proving that organic ingredients perform better than non-organic or synthetic ingredients. While we prefer organic, there are good and bad ingredients in each category.

isn’t it safer just to DIY?

 DIY remedies can be disastrous if you are just winging it.  That face wash recipe you found on Pinterest may seem like a great way to save money and feel crafty, but is it right for your skin?

The bottom line is that you must do your research and pay attention to your skin! Do you have questions about your skin care choices? Don’t hesitate to ask us about it at your next appointment. We are always happy to help you, whether it’s choosing the best product to purchase, or creating a DIY recipe that is beneficial for your particular skin type.