makeup free

Does your skin need a break from makeup, or from your go-to cleanser or moisturizer? The answer, as with many skin care questions, is it depends. “Make-up free” is all the rage, and we wholeheartedly support showing the world your natural skin. But as long as you have chosen a good quality brand, it shouldn’t make a difference to your skin whether you choose to wear make-up or not… provided you properly cleanse your face every evening! (And who can honestly say they ALWAYS follow that rule?) So, taking a make-up break can help reduce buildup and clogged pores, simply by allowing you to cleanse your skin better.

changing needs

What about your skin care routine? Does changing it up hurt or help? If your skin care needs never changed, then you could find a routine and stick with it for life, no worries.  However, our skin is an amazing organ, and its needs change according to our age, our lifestyle, our stress level, our eating habits, etc, etc. If a skin care routine is working for you, keep it as long as you like.  But if a routine that previously produced desirable results isn’t keeping up with your standards anymore, a little change could be in order.

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