Staying active and healthy is beneficial for both your mind and your body, but it does give your skin some special needs.

exercise and free radical damage

Many studies have shown rigorous exercise can cause oxidative stress. This exceeds the body’s natural antioxidant defenses, so the body pulls antioxidants from tissues stores, depleting the body’s reserve of antioxidants. Over time cell and tissue damage occur. In addition, athletes will naturally have more free radicals in their body as result of high-intensity workouts and time spent outdoors exposed to UV rays.


Both athletes and weekend warriors need a skin care regimen that will put as much back into the skin as is being taken out, if not more. The focus is on infusing the skin with antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids.  This will help reduce that free radical damage as much as possible.

At home, your process should include these three steps:

Cleanse: With strenuous workouts or excessive heat the body naturally produces sweat and oil.  Wash your face and get out of your sweaty clothes and into the shower as soon as possible. Sweat laden clothes can cause skin irritation and breakouts.

Rebuild: Antioxidants, peptides, and minerals will replenish depleted skin. And of course, proper hydration is key, as every athlete knows!

Protect: Use sunscreen with natural mineral blockers like zinc and titanium dioxide, which provide minerals and good protection to help keep your skin at optimal health.

And of course, professional facials and skin treatments are great for rejuvenation and infusing the skin with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Don’t let all your hard work be overshadowed by poor skin.  Call or schedule your appointment today!