Have you started to consider anti-aging skin care? We start aging the moment we’re born. But often, we don’t think about anti-aging practices until later life, when the effects are most visible. When then, is the best age to start thinking about aging? 

anti-aging for babies 

Six months old is the generally accepted age that safe sunscreens can be applied to delicate baby skin.  In a sense, this is the first anti-aging product we are introduced to! Over-exposure to sun is one of the leading causes of visible aging on our skin. The takeaway? If avoiding/delaying visible signs of aging is important to you, your first defense is to cover up and use SPF products! 

Anti-aging for the rest of us

Once we reach our 20’s, that’s when we should start thinking about the next steps in healthy aging products.  Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, and Retinols are some of the big guns.  But the exact age at which to start is dependent on your individual skin type and condition.  Your skin is at its peak in the 20’s with strong collagen production and oodles of elastin, making it plump and firm. However, take nothing for granted. Develop a good skin care routine: use sunscreen (at least SPF 30), moisturize and keep it clean. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with adequate sleep and healthy eating, while keeping stress levels down. 

As we move further along the timeline our needs change as our cell turnover slows down and collagen and elastin begin to diminish. Ask your esthetician or dermatologist if your are considering adding anti-aging products to your routine.

Knowing how your skin age and taking good care of it will give you the best chance of aging beautifully. Let us help you at every stage.  Call for a consultation or schedule your appointment online easily!