What better time to reset and take care of ourselves than right now?  

Research has shown that self-care helps manage stress and promotes happiness.  But when we let our commitment to wellness falter, the stress seeps in. Stress can cause your body to produce chemicals that cause health problems to flare. Increased cortisol levels can contribute to acne and excema, among other conditions. 

Small changes can make a bigger difference than you may realize though! To help manage stress, carve out some time to relax. Put up your legs and have a cup of tea. Enjoy your favorite music and spend time doing something you enjoy. Relaxation diffuses stress and promotes skin health. Commit to one change at a time, and stick with it until it’s part of your daily routine.  

Drink more water

Drink less alcohol

Get more sleep

Eat your veggies

And don’t skip the basics of your skin care routine: cleanse and moisturize twice daily, no matter what!  Keep your mental and physical health a priority.  Scheduling a face or body treatment with us can contribute to your overall well-being.