sleepyTired of trying to figure out if the latest skin care fad is truth or marketing? Are all your friends pushing their own favorite skin care products on you? Privy Skin Care was started with the goal of helping and educating clients about their own skin and skin care.  We want you to feel pampered and renewed after a treatment, but we also want you to come away with a better understanding of what your skin is telling you.

Here are some of our skin care golden rules:

1. Less is more, almost always.  Use fewer products, by letting us help you find the right ones for YOU. Once you find them, don’t slather- a little dab will do ya.

2. Beauty in the inside translates to beauty on the outside.  What you do (or do not) put into your body will affect how your skin looks, feels, and functions. Trouble skin sometimes needs nourishment from the inside, not just cream on the outside. We can help you figure out what your skin is asking for.

3. Honesty is still the best policy.  Treat your skin poorly this week? Don’t try and hide it, let us know so we can adjust your treatment plan accordingly.  Didn’t really love how your skin reacted to your last treatment? Tell us so we can adjust your next treatment to better meet your goals and expectations.

Our goal is to make you happy in your own skin.  Whether you just want to come in and escape your stresses with one of our relaxing treatments, or you want an intensive evaluation and game plan for creating the best skin you can have, we are here for you.  Schedule an appointment easily online or call us today, 702.496.2066!