Woman texting on her phoneYou know the basics of skincare – don’t go out without sunscreen, don’t touch your face too much, keep a cleansing routine day and night.  But some of your other everyday habits have the potential to cause problems.  Which of these might be stressing out your skin?

1. Alcohol.  Drinking too much alcohol overworks your liver, which results in dilated pores, broken capillaries, and overproduction of sweat and oil glands.  Consuming alcohol can also contribute to dehydration and poor sleep. While there has been research into the benefits of an occasional glass of red wine, make sure to keep overall consumption minimal.  If you do overindulge, balance out the bad by increasing healthy hydration and high antioxidant foods!

2. Stress.  Relax!  Easier said than done.  But mental and emotional stress put a strain on your body.  Hormones like adrenaline can make your blood vessels constrict, which means that the flow of nutrients is slowed.  Stress also tends to exacerbate existing skin problems – if you’ve ever suffered from acne or psoriasis, you’ve likely noticed that breakouts accompany stress. Make sure to schedule some downtime, and use it to take a detox bath and read a good book, or call us for a relaxing and rejuvenating face or body treatment.  Consider it an investment in your health!

3. Chlorine.  Swimming is GREAT exercise, but after a swim in the pool, chlorine sticks to your skin and dries it out.  Wash and moisturize your skin very well after a dip in the pool (or the hot tub!).

4. Cell phones.  If you are as addicted to your smart phone as the rest of us, it’s likely a reservoir of germs. To keep the oils and bacteria from transferring to your face, keep some wipes in your purse and clean the screen before you make a phone call.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, and take care of your health! Schedule your next appointment today at or call 702-496-2066.