Skincare is Manly 

A man’s skin may be different than a woman’s skin, but still needs the proper care to stay healthy and youthful. The layers of a man’s skin are thicker, pores are larger and there are more oil glands producing more oil for a longer period of time. Men naturally have more collagen and elastin, which makes for firmer and thicker skin overall. When aging signs do appear, they start around the eyes with dark circles, bags and wrinkles.

the basics

A regular cleansing routine is very important, since men have larger pores that can clog easily. Use of the proper cleanser and moisturizer for individual skin type is imperative.  Just grabbing whatever bar of soap is in reach does NOT count as proper cleansing! As men age and their testosterone levels drop, their skin tends to become drier and they will have to switch up their cleansing products accordingly. Men should use a good moisturizer and might also want to consider a hydrating mask for a deep clean and added hydration. Regular (monthly, or seasonally) facials will do a world of difference in keeping skin in tip top shape as well.

to shave or not to shave

For those men who shave, the good news is that by acting as a kind of mini-massage, it boosts the blood circulation and increases the skin’s oxygen supply.  But poor shaving technique or tools can damage even the healthiest skin over time.  A few tips:

Do not cleanse and shave with hot water, it can be a source of irritation.  Use lukewarm water instead.

Do not try to get an extremely close shave every time. Of course a smooth, clean face is what you’re after but it is not the best for the skin. Shaving too closely is one of the main causes of razor bumps and razor burn.

Do not use an after shave lotion or cologne high in alcohol on the face, as they are dehydrating and irritating to the skin.

Do rinse your skin thoroughly after shaving. It is extremely important to remove all traces of shaving cream.  Residue left on your skin will dry it out and make it look dull.

Do use soothing creams on the shaved area to reduce redness and irritation 

Do use daily sun protection on your face, unless you’re going for the Marlboro man look. Sun damage is not attractive, neither is skin cancer.

just do it

So men, man up and treat your face well.  At Privy Skin Care, all of our treatments are personally tailored to you, your skin type and your lifestyle.  We also offer body treatments and hair removal options.  Call for a consultation or to make your appointment today. You can also easily schedule online.