You didn’t think you’d be out in the sun for very long, or you forgot to reapply, or you missed a spot…or worst of all, you were trying to get a suntan! We’ve heard it all.  After convincing yourself to do better next time, it’s time to take care of that damaged skin!

How bad is it?

Most sunburns cause mild pain and redness but affect only the outer layer of skin (first-degree burn). The red skin might hurt when you touch it. These sunburns are mild and can usually be treated at home. Skin that is red and painful and that swells up and blisters may mean that deep skin layers and nerve endings have been damaged (second-degree burn). This type of sunburn is usually more painful and takes longer to heal. Both of these situations increase your risk of developing skin cancer in the future. ( Although people with darker skin don’t sunburn as easily, they can still get skin cancer from overexposure to the sun.)


Step one is to hydrate your skin as much as possible. And remember, for your skin to “drink in” the maximum amount of moisture, it has to be clean. So, cleanse first-but be gentle! Your skin has already been traumatized; it needs to be pampered now. Rhonda Allison’s Milk Plus Cleanser, with natural milk, foaming peptides and yogurt extract, is a good choice to clean your aching skin.

Next, a moisturizer with aloe will help the healing process begin. Aloe’s superior healing qualities, including its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, as well as its ability to promote cell growth, make it ideal for after-sun care.

Finally, once the aloe has done its work and your skin is getting back to normal, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about a deep hydrating facial and/or back treatment. Sun damage is the prime cause of premature aging and you’ll want to attack the damage below the surface to make sure that your skin stays soft and fresh.

Seek professional help

For more information on how to prevent sun damage in the first place and advice on beauty products to keep your skin soft, hydrated and healthy, please contact us at 702-496-2066 or schedule your appointment online today.