national wellness month

It seems like there is a dedicated day, or month, for just about any purpose you can think of.  This month is dedicated to wellness, and that is a cause we can get behind 100%! Wellness Month is a nationally recognized month dedicated to self-care, creating healthy routines, and stress management.

“Wellness Month was born out of the idea that if we are going to do big things in the world— build our careers, raise a family, further our education, create new ideas, and nurture our bodies — we need to take care of ourselves.”

I’ll take care of myself when…

It is often far, far easier to come up with reasons to wait on our own self care that it is to just put ourselves first. Work, family, budget, time, etc, you know the list. Yet when we don’t take care of ourself, we end up too sick or burned out to enjoy life, or to be of help to others. Research has shown self-care helps manage stress and promotes happiness.

what is wellness?

Wellness and self care can mean different things to different people.  For some, it might be a spa day and time away from work emails.  For others, it’s taking time to find help for stress or mental health difficulties.  It could also be lifestyle changes that promote movement and good nutrition. If you have been putting off making the changes

Whatever wellness means to you, let us help you make steps in that direction this month.  Call to schedule a consultation, or schedule your next appointment online.